Since June 2010, the new service center Dibenedetto, made spaces absolutely new and second technological standards and eco compatibility with modern, entirely dedicated to the assistance and repair of commercial and industrial vehicles, special vehicles, buses and military vehicles is fully operating.

Dibenedetto s.a.s. offers a Service IVECO non-stop 24 hours with mobile workshop and / or recovery of any means. Night and holidays included..

SERVIZI OFFERTI. Officina specializzata - Revisioni.

The workshop Dibenedetto performs maintenance, repair and overhaul
- Industrial Vehicles and Bus multibrands
- Fire Fighting Vehicles
- Special Vehicles and Military Corps of the State
- Commercial Vehicles multibrands
- Forklifts multibrands
- Groups tires [valves, compressors, modulators, etc]
- Groups hydropneumatic
- Trailers multibrands
- Special means and construction
- Rollers multibrands
- Comprehensive cranes
- Cars
- Bodywork and reconstruction buses, special vehicles, industrial, etc
- Review and sealing tachographs
- Calibration of tachographs, including digital 

Engine testing and running with dyno approved and certified by RINA (certif. N 00 BA 1053 CO /1 /2000)

Brake test



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